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Broken Like Me [05 Sep 2008|10:47am]

Title: Broken Like Me
Author: Ticklemepanic
Pairing: (None as such now, but their will be later on. But sorry no Frerard or Waycest.) Frank/Jamia.
Rating: MA15+ (It’s not bad now, but it’s going to get pretty violent.)
POV: Third Person Unless Stated Otherwise.
Summary: It’s Every Mental Kids Dread To Go To “The Corey Nathaniel’s Institute” So When A Young Girl Gets Sent There, She Does What She’s Done All Her Life: Shuts Down. What Happens When What She Thinks Is Just Another Institute, Turns Out To Be The Worst Place Imaginable? Can A Young Mikey Help Her Through The Nightmares And Troubles He Has Himself? Or Is She Already Lost?
Disclaimer: I Don’t Own The Guys, I Do However Own The Girls (Ok Maybe Not Jamia) And The Plot.
Author Notes: I Really Hope You Enjoy This. It’s A Work In Progress And I Think It’s Going To Turn Out Really Good.
Warnings: It’s Pretty G-Rated At The Moment, But When The Chapters Start, It Gets Violent. Fights, Attempted Suicide, Abuse, Self Harm, Rape, Murder, Sex ETC…

Prologue Collapse )
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AHHHHHHHH!!!! [21 Dec 2005|03:24pm]

I need more people to join!!!!!!!!!!
I need more people to post!!!!!!!!!!
I need more people to do just those thing for me!!

Lots and lots and lots of thanks for joining!!!!!
your the best!!!!
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HEHE [24 Oct 2005|12:52pm]


Ok i know no one is bothering to post but its ok at least you joined.... just post whenever and invite ppl and it doesnt neccessarily have to be about my chem it can be anything from songs, poems, or just radom mummbling or shout outs

well gotta go



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hmmm... [11 Jul 2005|07:04pm]

[ mood | HEADACHE!!!! ]

ok i just thought this would be a nice place for ppl to place some fics about the guys or some pictures what ever you want its your community!

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